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Are You Prepared to "Tuck & Roll"?

Sep 24, 2020

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity" 

                                                                          - Seneca

It is the fall of 1980; my high school football team is preparing to take on one of our arch-rivals.  Both teams are 6-0 and whoever wins the game is in the driver's seat for the conference championship - and we've got them at our home stadium.  



It's minutes before kickoff and my teammates and I are high up above the playing field in an area of the stadium called the team room



It is a small, dark and cramped room where all 45 of my teammates and I are quietly making our final mental preparations for the big game. 



It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop as players are either silently sitting...

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The 1% Solution to Getting Out of Comfort Zones

Sep 19, 2020

"Gritty people train at the edge of their comfort zone. They zero in on one narrow aspect of their performance and set a stretch goal to improve it." 

                                                                                      - Angela Duckworth


Comfort Zones.  How many times have you heard you need to get out of your comfort zone(s) to achieve the results you desire? 


Authors, coaches and teachers have told us for decades that in order to really realize our dreams, we need to go beyond our comfort zones.


I totally agree. 


In fact, when I think of my own life and when I experienced my greatest results and feelings of satisfaction, it was always preceded with moving out of one of my comfort...

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It's Not About Closing, It's About Connecting

Sep 12, 2020

"People don’t buy because what you do is awesome. People buy because it makes them feel awesome."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Tara Gentile ...

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Excellence vs. Perfection

Sep 06, 2020

“Perfectionism is focused on ‘doing the thing right’, how things APPEAR, and if OTHERS think it’s done right.  Excellence is about ‘doing the right thing’. It is focused on the REASON for a task, and the RESULTS for it to be a success.”

                                                                                                          - Marc Winn


Question:  "What's our goal?"


Answer:  "Black Belt Excellence, sir!"


For the past two decades, I have ended every martial arts class I have taught; whether it was with a group of White Belt kids or a class of seasoned adult Black Belt instructors with the question and subsequent response...

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Are You Being Contagious (with Kindness)?

Aug 29, 2020

"The biggest lesson I've learned is that hurt people hurt people, and kindness is just as contagious.  So, if you can focus your efforts on engineering kindness, it will prevail."

                                                                                  - Whitney Wolfe Herd


During our current times, each of us has a heightened awareness of being contagious and possibly passing on or receiving a virus from someone else.


However, it came into my awareness that “being contagious” is not always a bad thing.


Let me explain.


One of the things I am most proud of in my martial arts career is the process by which each of the students in our organization must undergo to earn their Black Belts.


In addition to 3 to 3.5 five years...

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Are you Challenged by "Too Many Mind"

Aug 23, 2020

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is the incredible amount of overthinking you’re doing with the problem. Let it go and be free.”

                                                                                                      - Marcandangel


 One of my favorite movies is The Last Samurai.  


In it, Civil War Captain Nathan Algren, played by Tom Cruise, finds himself as a war prisoner of the last of the mighty Samurai leaders, Katsumoto. 


Held captive for several months, Algren is assimilated into the customs, traditions and martial arts training of the warrior clan, all the while also facing and eventually overcoming his own personal...

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Creation vs. Reaction

Aug 16, 2020

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see" 

                                                                                          - Henry David Thoreau


It feels to me that we are currently living in a very reactive world. 


In our technological age, information comes to us at warp speed and it seems that many times our reactions, both verbally and physically, happen so fast that we are not even conscious of how we are responding. 


One may look no further than our current political environment to see this each and every day.  Regardless of what side of the spectrum you find yourself on, reaction, often of the inflamed sort, seems to be the order of the day. 


I believe...

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Discipline Leads to Freedom

Aug 08, 2020

"The more disciplined I become, the freer I am to have the life I want.  If I conduct myself in a disciplined and organized way, I have much more free time."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ...

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In Resistance? Move the Body

Aug 03, 2020

"Move the body and the mind and spirit will follow.  Most of us have it the other way around.  I know I did for years.  I thought I always had to have it right in my mind and spirit before I DO anything adventurous .... like go for a long run, or create a successful career ... But the body can go first.  Like Emerson says, 'do the thing and you shall have the power'."                                

                                                                                                         - Steve Chandler

“I just don't feel like it.” 


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People Who Want What's Best for You Want to See You at Your Best

Jul 23, 2020

“People who want what’s best for you, want to see you at your best.”

                                                                                          - Oprah Winfrey


I was recently watching an inspirational video on YouTube featuring Oprah Winfrey delivering a commencement speech to an auditorium of graduating college students (yes, I think Oprah is the bomb ). 


During her impassioned address, she imparted upon the graduates the words shared above,


“People who want what’s best for you, want to see you at your best.” 


Hearing these words caused me to pause, reflect upon and appreciate all of the amazing people I have had in my life who supported and encouraged me. 


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