Create and Implement a Dynamic Plan to Experience a Powerful Breakthrough in Your Life
Even if you tried before, failed or believe you don't have the strategies, tools or time to make a profound change in your life


You could experience a BREAKTHROUGH result in an important area of your life, even if it is one that has eluded you for years?


The truth is...




Are you ready for a breakthrough in your life?
Is there something you've been attempting to achieve, wanting to experience, striving to attain that has been forever elusive?
I know how you feel!  I have been there.  The truth is, having the BREAKTHROUGHS in life you desire is not only a function of doing the outer work.  Importantly, it is about doing our INNER WORK, as well.  
Begin your journey to breakthrough today with the BREAKING THROUGH COACHING PROGRAM. Our next session begins 9/15/21!

Introducing the BREAKING THROUGH Coaching Program

Experience a BREAKTHROUGH in your life in 6 Weeks, or less by implementing the "3 C's of Creating Breakthroughs" System!

Clarity of Your Vision

Get super clear about what you want to guide you on your path to creating a BREAKTHROUGH in at least one area of your life

Create Your Plan

Create a step-by-step plan for success that holds you capable and keeps you focused, determined and inspired to achieve your BREAKTHROUGH 

Consistent Action

Stay on track to achieve your vision through daily and weekly practices that produce BREAKTHROUGH results, even when doubt, challenges and distractions come your way

Here's What You'll Receive in this Program!


This course will guide you in creating and implementing a dynamic plan to experience a powerful breakthrough in at least one important area of your life.  Learn how to construct a clear vision, strategies and tools for overcoming obstacles, and how to develop a daily process to take consistent and inspired action to make your dream a reality. 

Six (6) Weekly Group Coaching Calls

The power of a master facilitator and a supportive group can be invaluable on the road to breakthrough.  Recieve insightful, positive and straightforward feedback, be inspired by other's challenges and victories and be guided by the collective wisdom of like-minded people on their own journey to breakthrough.

Two (2) One-on-One Coaching Sessions

The greatest of athletes and the highest of performers in business and life have one thing in common - they all rely on coaching to assist them in setting their vision, staying on course and holding themselves capable of being their best.  These sessions are designed to help bring clarity to your breakthrough vision and keep you on track to realizing your dreams.

24/7 Access to Community Online Forum

Questions along your journey to breakthrough? We've got you covered, Champion! You'll have the 24/7 support you need to create your breakthrough in your life, business or relationships.  Ask questions, build community, get feedback, and share wins!


Schedule your 30-minute discovery call to see if the BREAKING THROUGH Coaching Program is for you.

"Chris possesses such great wisdom and integrity along with patient guidance, while really challenging me. He is a strong-hearted and wise leader, who walks beside me on the journey and I am forever grateful. I am lucky and so is anyone else who walks with him."

Rich Crum
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"While working with Chris, I was hired for a position that has proven to be lucrative, professionally satisfying, and has the potential for incredible growth. If I had not been working with Chris, I would not have had this courage or confidence to pursue the career opportunity. "

Meg Reynolds
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"I would highly recommend anyone to work with Chris whether you’re overcoming obstacles or breaking through to a new level of success in your life (perhaps both). Whenever I feel uncomfortable in a situation, I think of Chris and it’s almost like he is standing behind me, supporting me yet not letting me go backwards or withdrawing back into my comfort and nudges ever so slightly to move me forward in the direction of my dreams, which begin to come true just on the other side of my comfort zone. "

Amber Schoenrock
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"Chris Natzke’s Mind of a Champion life coaching program has changed my life. It’s like diving into a pool and realizing you know how to swim. Nothing is the same. There’s no going back."

Terry Harmel
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client

"He was instrumental in understanding my specific needs and identifying outside resources/materials to accelerate my progress. I have been blessed to work with Chris Natzke in his Mind of a Champion Coaching program and look forward to building on my experience!"

Salman Adil
Mind of a Champion Coaching Client
Dear Champion:
I'm Master Coach Chris Natzke.  I am not only a champion myself, but I have been training others to find their own Inner Champion for over four decades. 
As an 8th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor and former national Taekwondo champion, I rank in the top 1% of all martial artists in the world. 
As a life-leadership coach, keynote speaker and author, my passion is sharing my unique brand of Black Belt Leadership so others may discover the most empowered version of themselves – leading to clarity of purpose, increased confidence and the courage to take inspired action to make their dreams come true.

Frequently Asked Questions

The moment you purchase you'll immediately receive emails with login information giving you instant, lifetime access to the entire BREAKING THROUGH Online Course and the BREAKING THROUGH Community Forum. Group coaching calls will begin on or about Wednesday, 9/15/21.  Calls will be recorded for you to review again and again.  You may also schedule your initial one-on-one BREAKING THROUGH coaching session as soon as you invest in the program.

This is a program for those who are looking to experience a BREAKTHROUGH in at least one important aspect of their lives and are willing to make a 100% commitment to making this positive change.

In Martial Arts we say the enemy of excellence is "good enough". 

If you are only moderately interested in doing what it takes to make a positive BREAKTHROUGH in your life, this program is NOT for you.  However, if you are willing to give your full commitment to working this program for the next 6 weeks, in the quest to achieve a BREAKTHROUGH result despite the challenges and distractions you may face - this program is for YOU!

This is a great question. I understand that investing in your life and business can be scary. Truth is, the answer to the "will it work?" question depends on YOU.  Just as I would never guarantee a new White Belt student would attain their Black Belt just by enrolling in a Martial Arts Program, I cannot guarantee success in this program just by your investing in it.  However, just as I would tell that same White Belt student, if you dedicate yourself to the program and show up fully, your Black Belt is indeed attainable.  The same is true for this program.  Once again, it is up to YOU!

Results vary depending on the individual and I make no guarantees (my lawyers make me say that haha).  

However, if you follow the steps, take action, and complete the course work then... YES it will work. These are proven life-leadership principles that I have used in my own life and when working with my one-on-one coaching clients and Martial Arts students. As with anything, it will work if you work it.


The time is NOW to begin your journey to experience BREAKTHROUGHS in your life!