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The "3 C's" to Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life (Part 2)

Oct 01, 2022

A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

                                                          - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Welcome to part two of our three-part series entitled, “The 3 C’s of Creating Breakthroughs.”


In our first installment, I discussed “C number one” which is to Clarify Your Vision.  This was comprised of asking yourself and answering the following three questions…

  • What do you REALLY want?
  • What is your BIG WHY? And…..
  • Who do you need to BE to create your breakthrough?


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The Top Ten Big Ideas to Creating Breakthroughs




In part two of this series, we will explore the “second C”, Creating a Plan.


As the opening quote so deftly states, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”


While this may seem like a cute play on words, there is much wisdom in this statement in guiding us in our quest to breakthroughs in our life. 


Recall in your past how many times you were inspired to embark upon a vision for yourself that inspired and excited you, only to lose momentum and have it fade from your consciousness, never to be attained. 


This is something that I am sure all of us have experienced (I know I have). 


We may explain away our not achieving our dreams because of various reasons and excuses like; “Too many obstacles got in the way.” or “I lost interest.” or “Life just happened.”


While this may be true, I can guarantee you that were that you did achieve what you sought out to create despite outside forces working against you.


So, what’s the difference? 


It is my belief that having a specific plan detailing the steps to realize our dreams is the most important aspect of overcoming these obstacles and transforming our goals into reality. 


Here are four important strategies to consider when Creating Your Plan to Breakthrough.


1) Begin with the End in Mind – Then BREAK IT DOWN

Any breakthrough accomplishment can seem overwhelming when looked at in its entirety.  The key to accomplishing any big task is to break it down into digestible chunks that can be done over time. 


Three things to keep in mind when completing this process include:


  • Start off small and build. It is better to start with a small task and be successful in building momentum then to start off too big and allow disappointment to sidetrack you and impede your forward progress.
  • Be consistent. Create tasks that you can complete daily to keep your breakthrough “top of mind” and in your awareness to build momentum and progress.
  • Ask for help. You will not get a breakthrough “gold star” by doing everything yourself.  If there are people who can assist you on your path, be sure to ask for their help, wisdom, or expertise, when needed.


  2) Who can hold you CAPABLE?


Holding ourselves and others accountable for our actions can be a very effective process in creating results.  However, I find holding someone capable assumes a level competence that most will measure up to when held to this standard.


Find someone in your community that can hold you capable in bringing your desired breakthrough to fruition. 


This is someone with whom you have trust and sees the best in you, has been through the road to breakthrough before and even when it is not easy to do, will be completely honest with you about your actions, performance and commitment to breakthrough.


Who is that person in your life that can hold you capable to breakthrough?


3) Plan for the OBSTACLES


Breakthroughs very rarely occur without challenge or incident.  Most people are very adept at imagining the perfect path to and the end-state of what they want to achieve. 


However, what happens when obstacles present themselves that can knock us off track?  What is your plan when that happens?  What will you do to ensure that you stay on track to your goal? 


Have a plan ready to deal with obstacles before they arise, and you will see yourself maintain your momentum on your road to breakthrough and the results you desire.



4) Plan your CELEBRATION


We generally respond positively in working towards a breakthrough when we have an exciting reward to look forward to.  However, many of us complete a project, or even experience a breakthrough and never take the time to recognize, much less celebrate their successes.


This may work in the short-term but following this pattern over an extended period of time can lead to disillusionment, disappointment and even burnout.


How will you celebrate your breakthrough once it is achieved? Is it a special night on the town, a vacation or a long-awaited purchase? Determine what you will do to celebrate when you reach your breakthrough before it comes into reality to keep you engaged and excited about achieving your breakthrough


So, there you have it, my friend.  What are you going to do this week to create your plan to breakthrough? What will you do to ensure that the dream you have becomes a viable goal to be realized, rather than a wish that eventually fades away?


In our next installment, we will our third and final of the “3 C’s”, Taking Consistent Action.


Let’s go for it, champion!


Chris Natzke

Black Belt Leadership Speaking & Coaching


PS: If you are interested in experiencing a breakthrough in your life, business or relationships, schedule a 30-minute discover call with me to learn about my upcoming Breaking Through Coaching Program!


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