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The "3 C's" to Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life (Part 1)

Sep 26, 2022

“Breaking through your self-imposed barriers (and they are self-imposed) is the greatest challenge you will ever face.  Face them you must.”

                                                                                      - Mary-Frances Winters


In my over four decades as a martial arts instructor, and now in my work as a speaker, life-coach and workshop facilitator, I have been honored to guide a multitude of students, clients and audience members through the journey of breaking through obstacles in their life.


These areas of breakthrough can appear in many forms, such as; the desire to release body weight, improving one’s physical health, healing relationships, overcoming financial difficulties or creating the business or career of their dreams.


In our minds, these challenges can seem to exist completely outside of us in the difficult circumstances we encounter.  We believe that if we just “fix” the outside, we will feel better on the inside.


However, I have come to learn that the genesis of breaking through any challenge begins first with our ability to directly and courageously face our inner fears and limiting beliefs.  It is from this starting place that breakthroughs are then reached by taking consistent and inspired action to move through the inner AND outer obstacles before us.


It has been my experience that overcoming challenges and reaching breakthrough results of any kind come by engaging in three core principles and practices I call the “3 C’s of Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life.”  These are:

  • Clarity of Vision - Getting super clear about what you want so it may guide you on your path to creating a breakthrough
  • Create Your Plan - Creating a step-by-step plan for success that keeps you focused and inspired to achieve your breakthrough
  • Consistent Action - Implementing daily and weekly practices that produce breakthrough results, even when doubt, challenges and distractions come your way


In this first installment of this three-part series, I will discuss the first “C” to creating breakthrough in your life – Clarity of Vision.


 Creating your clear vision for what you want can be found by answering three questions.


  1. What do you REALLY want? - It has been said, "If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?". 


Having a clear vision of what you want to experience on the other side of challenge is a powerful tool for transformation.  Rather than just focusing on the problems before you, get a clear vision on where you want to go and what result you will experience when you get there. 


This does not mean you ignore the challenges you face.  On the contrary, it means taking these trials head on, but doing so with a clear and inspiring vision for where you want to go.


Leaders know “what you focus on expands” and where your attention goes, energy will flow to assist you on your path to breakthrough


Are you clear in your vision for where you want to go in your pursuit of achieving a breakthrough in your life?


  • What is your BIG WHY? – Having a BIG WHY as your inspiration for achieving your breakthrough result can be your secret weapon in overcoming obstacles and keeping you on course when things get tough. 

When creating your BIG WHY, consider the following: 

  1. How can my breakthrough positively impact myself and the people closest to me?
  2. What is the impact to myself and those in my family/team if I DO NOT achieve this breakthrough result?
  3. How can I inspire and/or act as a role model for others by pursuing and achieving my breakthrough?

What is the BIG WHY that is inspiring you to breakthrough?


  • Who do you need to BE? - While consistent and inspired action is key to achieving our breakthroughs, this is first anchored inside of us by steadfast and empowering ways of being that act as the foundation of our inner state.


Empowering ways of BEing may include being courageous, confident, trusting, proactive, vulnerable, vibrant, creative, to name a few.


Some things to consider as you are identifying your most empowered states of being for this journey to breakthrough include:

  1. Where in your life have noticed you when you are demonstrated disempowered way of being (e.g. shy, hesitant, cynical, distrustful, guarded, etc.) and what was the impact?
  2. When have you felt at the “top of your game” and what were the empowered ways of being you demonstrated and can access again?
  3. When have you been in the presence of someone who inspired you? What types of empowered ways of being did they demonstrate that you could emulate?


So, there you have it, my friends.  There is my take on the first of the “3 C’s to Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life” and creating a clear vision for you to pursue.


If you would like to take a deeper dive into these and other principles to achieving breakthroughs, download my free report


The Top Ten Big Ideas to Create Breakthroughs


In my next installment, I will take a deeper look at the second of the “3 C’s”, Creating Your Plan.


Until then, I challenge all of us to focus on creating the vision to breakthrough we desire, that will guide us in overcoming the personal obstacles before us so you can truly experience our best and most empowered selves.


Chris Natzke

Black Belt Leadership Speaking & Coaching


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