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Chris Natzke

America's Breakthrough Sensei


Inspires Organizations and their Leaders to Achieve Breakthrough Results by Creating a CHAMPION'S MINDSET


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Known as AMERICA'S BREAKTHROUGH SENSEI, 8TH Degree Black Belt and former National Taekwondo Champion, Chris Natzke inspires audiences across the country each year, through his qualities of the Champion's Mindset.  
Known for his energetic and engaging stage presence, Chris has the ability to connect with a wide variety of audiences, ranging from corporate leaders to school-age students, with the skill of a master teacher. 
Through his powerful message, he inspires audience members to embrace their unique strengths and talents, and then take inspired action to make a profound impact in the world.
In working with individuals, Chris’s presence, wisdom, and ability to see through challenges and create strategic plans that produce breakthrough results, make him an invaluable coach in life and leadership.

Engage Your Attendees

Chris's interactive and engaging programs inspire attendees to move through obstacles, show up as powerul leaders and take action to achieve the breakthough results that come from achieving a Champion's Mindset.


Inspire Your Team

Your team's power, purpose and passion is brought forth with Chris's high-energy and breakthrough team-building programs, creating connection, collaboration and a collective Champion's Mindset.


Create Breakthroughs

Individuals coaching with Chris achieve the clarity, confidence and focus, combined with a strategic plan for success by bringing a Champion's Mindset to both their personal and professional lives.


Organizations Chris Has Served

Why Hire Chris?

Organizations from across the country have hired Chris to inspire their teams and individually work with their leaders. Click below to find out why.

"Chris connected amazingly well with our team, challenging them to connect with the leaders within themselves, and take action to make their personal impact on the world. (He) left our agents and managers inspired and motivated. Many stated that his talk was one of the highlights of our conference. "

Leroy Garcia
Managing Partner, New York Life - Colorado

"If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will not only entertain but challenge your students to reach for higher levels of excellence, then look no further than Chris Natzke. I believe his message is one that all students should hear before they graduate and highly recommend him for your next conference. "

Deborah J. Coffin
Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Colorado - Boulder

"Chris’s infectious energy and enthusiasm combined with his personal stories and practical tools for success, left our team inspired and motivated to move ahead confidently in their personal and professional lives. Many stated that his program was the highlight of our conference. "

Courtney Berg
Chief Operating Officer - Remote Learner, LLC

"Chris has a flare for keeping the audience engaged and energized. ..... Students were up on stage supporting his talk, and afterward, wanted to continue to meet with him and learn from him. He is so easy to work with and will definitely delight your students and adult constituents alike. "

Lindsay Andreotti
Executive Director, Washington State Future Business Leaders of America

"Chris' energy and charisma, combined with his ability to engage an audience, were a delight to all. Chris uses physical demonstrations, personal stories and practical examples to inspire his audience and tap into their potential to move to higher levels in their personal and professional lives. Many attendees told me he was the best speaker we booked all year!"

Lisa Huntington-Kinn
Program Chair, Colorado Business Women

"For a conference dedicated to rather heavy and didactic material, our audience found Chris's session to be a welcomed addition. In the words of one participant, 'I was skeptical at first, but I liked (Chris). His confidence and ability to motivate an audience was outstanding. It was a subconscious pep talk for all of us! Thank you for starting the day with him.'"

Kevin T. Hope, RPh
Director of Continuing Education, PharmCon, Inc.

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In Breaking Through, Martial Arts Master and Transformational Coach Chris Natzke shares his proprietary system for overcoming challenges and moving to best-ever results in 30 days, or less, through his unique three-step process. Are you finally ready to take action to realize your visions and dreams? The time to break through is NOW!!!



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